“The information I learned will change the way I practice. I feel more prepared to handle and triage emergencies and difficult cases. Best thing I’ve done to improve the care of my patients in 25 years, Outstanding!”

                       Dr. Mike Pfeifer, Inglemoor Animal Hospital, Washington, USA 

Who We Are

The International Veterinary Point-of-Care Ultrasound Society, called IVPOCUS, is made up of veterinarians and veterinary professionals who advocate and promote the education and advancement of Point-of-Care (POC) and FAST veterinary ultrasound formats throughout the world to improve patient care and save lives.  

What We Do

POC and FAST veterinary ultrasound exams are non-invasive, safe, and use minimal restraint. This method does not use radiation or require the animal to be shaved. Practicing POC allows Vets to answer clinical questions within minutes for early detection and diagnosis.  Traditional teaching paradigms often miss early indicators that allow Clinicians to better direct their patients diagnostic and treatment plan, which ultimately improves patient care.  POC and veterinary FAST are the greatest advancements for veterinary medicine this decade.